Current Graduate Students

Spencer Guerrero, PhD student — Tropical Cyclones, Statistical Models, Risk

Keiko Kircher, PhD student — Large Scale Dynamics, Extreme Events

David Lafferty, PhD candidate — Uncertainty, Multi-Sector Dynamics

Madeline Stover, PhD student — Fire weather risk and climate change



Current Undergraduate Students

Theo Avila, Physics — Time Series Analysis and Climate Extremes

Sam Li, Math and Computer Science — Machine Learning and Climate Prediction


Former Graduate Students (and current position)

Antonio Elizondo, MS 2023; Thesis – “Assessing Changes in U.S. Tornado Outbreaks and Climate Drivers”; Current position – Senior Scientist, Catastrophe Insight at Aon

Emily Hogan, PhD 2018; Thesis – “The importance of ocean internal variability for coupled climate modeling”; Current position – Senior Scientist at Nutrien Ag Solutions

Andrew Huang, MS 2018; Thesis – “Analyzing El Nino-Southern Oscillation predictability using Long-Short-Term-Memory models”; Current position – Software Engineer at Anaconda

Hui Li, MS 2014, PhD 2018; Thesis – “Analyzing tropical cyclone-climate interactions using the high-resolution Community Earth System Model (CESM)”; Current position – Project Scientist I at National Center for Atmospheric Research

Charumeghana Samantula, MS 2023; Thesis – “Influence of Climate Uncertainties on Western U.S. Fire Risk Projections”; Current position – Energy Analyst at Ascend Analytics

Ben Vega Westhoff, MS 2016, PhD 2020; Thesis – “Application of the Hector-Brick reduced complexity Earth system model for probabilistic climate projection”; Current position – Quantitative Strategist at Veterans United Home Loans